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Sunday, 12-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
London - For AGM KPUM

Lunch break..=)
At this Egypian restaurant..sooo expensive
Thank god we shared! And thank god we're not restaurant critics!
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The photos are from my trip down to London (from 10/12/04 - 11/12/04) for KPUM's AGM.
I arrived quite late on the Friday, crashed at Ufah's place on Gloucester Rd. and after the AGM, I went on a rushed shopping spree with Nurin in Bayswater as I had to only a couple of hours before my 8.30pm coach trip back to Notts. In Bayswater, we stopped at this Egyptian restaurant, and were not really satisfied with the food, price and service.. So after we did a bit more spending, we went to the Chopsticks where the food was quite yummy!! Yeay! Hehe..

Saturday, 11-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yani Balik Malaysia For Good

Me and the girls
Kak Iman and the gals
Kak Iman and Yani@Nani
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These are a couple of pics that me and Kak Iman took with Yani and her sisters before she fly back to Malaysia without her family, as she' s to prepare herself for her PMR next academic year. Poor thing!
And she(and her sisters) are like my own lil' sisters as we stayed at their place for 2 weeks when I first came to Nottingham last year(eventhough at that time I had my accomodation at Broadgate Park - but I didn't like it! ).
Sayang Yani..Take care and good luck ya girl! Kak Najah can do it! Prove to people dik!

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Sweety's Surprised Birthday Party

'THE' birthday cake
The drink was good tooo..
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This was when we did a surprised birthday party for Sweety(20th). I did nasi goreng special(hehe..), Sangeeta was incharge of the lovely yum yum chocolate fudge birthday cake and Bavesh as assistant. Juliana was doing the rest, and Sharina and Aartee had the honour of keeping Sweety away from the house for a couple of hours while we frantically tried to prepare everything!!!

But it was loads of fun, and laughter and the best present was Sweety's OOOOOO face.. It was brilliant, what with Bavesh sprayng her with party strings(thanks god...tak masuk mulut..heheh).

Waaaa...I love surprise birthday party! It was definitely very rewarding, rather than go out for the night..


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